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Why Choose DogNostics

DogNostics is your affordable, science-based, ethical educational provider, supporting both pet professionals and pet owners.

For Professionals

DogNostics offers a range of educational programs, from webinars and short learning courses to multi-level certificate and diploma programs. Try our Canine Enrichment Technician Certification or the Dog Bite Prevention Educator. You can find all of these on our Top Seller page

For Pet Owners

DogNostics offers a range of fun, interactive online programs supporting puppy development through to family dog training. We even provide solutions for some of the more common behavior problems.  The Pet Dog Solutions Program is the perfect start for pet owners. 

YES, We Are Different … Being Different is What Sets Us Apart!

First, we are all certified people trainers or teachers, and secondly, we are all highly experienced pet business owners and pet professionals with a wide array of experience and credentials. Third, we are passionate about the future of our industry and the development of those who practice within it. Lastly, we all love what we do and helping others achieve their goals. At DogNostics, we provide education that is fun and easy to access at affordable rates!

DogNostics is proud to announce they are a founding member of Pet Advocacy International, having applied for and been accepted as an Organizational Member. All PIAI Organizational members promote a code of professional ethics, honest and transparent operational practices to support consumer protections and are committed to working towards the “Gold Standard” for professional competency.

Your Student Experience  

DogNostics offers a different and unique educational experience for those working in the Pet Industry. We want your business to thrive, so our programs help you to help your clients who help your business grow. For pet owners, you will find out programs fun and easy to grasp; our years of teaching and supporting family pets are reflected in all our programs.

At DogNostics, we recognize that you don’t always have time to create new services with PowerPoint files, curriculums, and skill videos, so we include these in many of our offerings. We invite you to check out our programs and take a deep dive into what they include.

Newly Released Programs


Discover the secrets behind teaching your dog to leave food, objects, people, and even other dogs alone, ensuring a harmonious and safe environment for both you and your furry companion.

Acquire the knowledge and skills to foster a safer and happier environment for your canine companion while strengthening the harmonious bond you both share.

Join us on this educational journey to mastering ‘leave it’—your dog will thank you, and you’ll enjoy a more enriched relationship filled with nice manners and cooperation.

Enroll today and embark on the path to a happier dog and a well-trained cue!


Are you a devoted pet parent or a passionate dog trainer seeking to ensure your furry companion’s comfort and safety? Join us on an exciting journey where we demystify the process of training dogs to not only accept but genuinely adore wearing muzzles!

In this comprehensive short course, we’ll empower you with cutting-edge, force-free techniques to build a positive association between your dog and their muzzle. Whether it’s for veterinary visits, grooming, or any other situation, our proven methods will make muzzle time a stress-free and even enjoyable experience for your four-legged friend.

Featured Programs

The DogNostics Dog Training Certificate Program and The  Dog Behavior Diploma Program Are Intense Programs of Study
Thank You For Great Affordable Education
"Thank you so much for the feedback, Louise! I am enjoying the course very much, I'm so grateful that you are able to provide the education at such a low cost - all other options are out of my budget! ... I have been clicker training for a couple of years now, but I've struggled so much to split behaviors to a tiny enough amount among many other issues with my mechanics. I'm so grateful to finally be getting the guidance and feedback I need to keep improving my skills."  
Devina Iyer
Canine Enrichment Program
WOW, the CET program is fabulous. Not only did I learn all the necessary skills to build fabulous enrichment programs for my clients but the Assessment Pack that came with the program is fabulous. I was able to implement this as a new service within days of getting my certification Well worth the money and i have my investment back already after just one client!
Susan Dew
The DTC Program Has Been an Intense and Incredibly Rewarding Experience! 
"I can’t believe that I’ve reached the end of the program!  It has been a rigorous run and the past 18 months have been an intense and incredibly rewarding experience! I am so grateful to you for creating this course!  It has opened up new avenues to explore! Working, playing, and training with my dog clients has been such a gift. And being able to show clients another way to engage with their dogs to meet their needs for mental stimulation, keep them safe, and deepen their bond has been life-changing for all of us! I am grateful for your attentive responses to questions and assignments and all the valuable feedback you have provided."  
Gayle Koyanagi

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