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Why Choose DogNostics

DogNostics is your affordable, science-based, ethical educational provider, supporting both pet professionals and pet owners.

For Professionals

DogNostics offers a range of educational programs, from webinars and short learning courses to multi-level certificate and diploma programs. Try our Canine Enrichment Technician Certification or the Dog Bite Prevention Educator. You can find all of these on our Top Seller page

For Pet Owners

DogNostics offers a range of fun, interactive online programs supporting puppy development through to family dog training. We even provide solutions for some of the more common behavior problems.  The Pet Dog Solutions Program is the perfect start for pet owners. 

YES, We Are Different … Being Different is What Sets Us Apart!

First, we are all certified people trainers or teachers, and secondly, we are all highly experienced pet business owners and pet professionals with a wide array of experience and credentials. Third, we are passionate about the future of our industry and the development of those who practice within it. Lastly, we all love what we do and helping others achieve their goals. At DogNostics, we provide education that is fun and easy to access at affordable rates!

DogNostics is proud to announce they are a founding member of Pet Advocacy International, having applied for and been accepted as an Organizational Member. All PIAI Organizational members promote a code of professional ethics, honest and transparent operational practices to support consumer protections and are committed to working towards the “Gold Standard” for professional competency.

Your Student Experience  

DogNostics offers a different and unique educational experience for those working in the Pet Industry. We want your business to thrive, so our programs help you to help your clients who help your business grow. For pet owners, you will find out programs fun and easy to grasp; our years of teaching and supporting family pets are reflected in all our programs.

At DogNostics, we recognize that you don’t always have time to create new services with PowerPoint files, curriculums, and skill videos, so we include these in many of our offerings. We invite you to check out our programs and take a deep dive into what they include.

Featured Programs

The DogNostics Dog Training Certificate Program and The  Dog Behavior Diploma Program Are Intense Programs of Study
Canine Enrichment Program
WOW, the CET program is fabulous. Not only did I learn all the necessary skills to build fabulous enrichment programs for my clients but the Assessment Pack that came with the program is fabulous. I was able to implement this as a new service within days of getting my certification Well worth the money and i have my investment back already after just one client!
Susan Dew
I’m looking forward to the next course I will participate in!
...Tied into the webinars, we were introduced to relevant theory which blew my beginner's mind and expanded my knowledge to a new level. I am more conscious now about WHEN, WHERE, WHY and thinking about appropriate behaviors which fulfil the need/s of each dog (working in a shelter)... Thank you, Louise for this extraordinary course, your support and the extra miles you went to for me and for all of us. This is only the beginning for me with DogNostics and I'm looking forward to the next course I will participate in.
Andrea Dvorak, Cyprus
Walk This Way Instructor Program
I had my first 'outdoor' Walk This Way' workshop and thought you might like to see a comment.  Your system is absolutely a dream.  The workshop was a blast and more comments (requested) to come.  Thanks you to you and DogNostics for giving me this joy so late in life. Here is a participant's comment of the day one workshop. If you are thinking about taking one of Cheryl King's "Loose Leash Walking" sessions I highly recommend it! My dog and I attended a seminar, facilitated by Cheryl, that had a beautiful venue, was well thought out and planned. Cheryl provided a safe space and guidance to help me become a better handler and leader for my dog. We practiced a variety of training goals, focussing on loose leash walking, with fun games throughout the day in which my dog became more focussed on me while at the same time as reinforcing a strong bond between us. Cheryl is able to adapt to each individual dog and handler as she recognizes that each pair is different than the others and clearly communicates how to train specific behaviors with positive reinforcement. I really enjoyed my experience, as did my dog, and will attend another session in future if she hosts one! I just wanted to share just one of many experiences I have had with your guidance.  
Cheryl King

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