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DogNostics offers a huge array of pet training and management programs including our acclaimed Dog Training Certificate, Pet Dog Solutions Program and so many more.

DogNostics is an affordable, science based, ethical educational provider for pet professionals.

DogNostics provides you with a wide range of educational programs from webinars to short learning courses, all the way to multi-level certificate and diploma programs. With DogNostics, you get everything from the art and science of dog training to how to effectively market your business services and increase your income!

YES, We Are Different … Being Different is What Sets Us Apart!

  1. First, we are all certified people trainers or teachers and
  2. Secondly, we are all highly experienced pet business owners and pet professionals with a wide array of experience and credentials.
  3. Third, we are passionate about the future of our industry and the development of those who practice within it. Lastly, we all love what we do and helping others to achieve their individual goals.

At DogNostics we provide education that is fun and easy to access at affordable rates!

Your DogNostics program can be started as soon as you register and undertaken from the comfort of your own home! You get the support you need through interactive groups, email, telephone and internet meetings in a way that works for you.

DogNostics Proudly Makes Publicly Available Our Best Practice Operating Policies on

  1. The Student Body Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct. View/download here:
  2. The Organizations Code of Conduct Review Process
  3. A Transparency Statement Regarding DogNostics Policies on Training Approaches, Methodology and Philosophy Which Governs Our Programs, Courses and Students



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