An Industry in Need

In this book, the authors present their views on the need for a level and model of oversight in the fields of pet training and behavior consulting and for those choosing to practice within them. They discuss the prevalence of individuals who hold no credentials, formal education, knowledge or skills, yet who are today working across the nation with full responsibility for the well-being and welfare of their unknowing clients’ treasured pets. Order from Amazon here.

They will also highlight the lack of consumer protection and transparency across the marketing and operations platforms of many pet-related businesses, as well as the inherent weakness in how pets are legally classified, and how the current lack of reported and enforced animal cruelty laws means there is insufficient protection when it comes to holding pet professionals accountable for their methods, approach and philosophies toward their craft and the pets they serve.

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This book is dedicated to the millions of pets who share our lives, our homes and our love – You deserve better!

Your Role in the Transition

Throughout the book, the authors purposefully document multiple key areas that are all interconnected and will be required for the much-needed delivery of a professionalized, ethical and competent, pet professional workforce. As such, the authors will review a full range of topics and subtopics pertaining to the subject at hand and advise on their pertinence in the development of an infrastructure for oversight to support the professional evolution of the pet industry.

In closing, the authors  provide their recommendations on an oversight model for pet professionals that may be applied across individual geographical regions. This model will incorporate the establishment of a nonprofit organizational structure with a recommended board member configuration detailing the relevant roles needed to develop operational and policy guidelines.

The key aim for this organization is to act as an intermediary between local industry practitioners and the local government. The model is supported by recommended best practice policies and guidelines to aid implementation and operational success. Each chapter of this work may be used as a standalone educational piece.


“This is a “must-have” book for any serious force-free trainer, in my opinion. We’re looking toward the future, and must have a road map to stop the flow of shock collars and abusive practices under the guise of “dog training.” I”m so tired of fighting… To find a beautifully crafted PLAN to move our field forward, free of abusive devices and practices, is truly a breath of fresh air. This book is absolutely LOADED with important topics that are music to the ears of any trainer looking to support their position on FF, or involved in animal welfare. Thank you for writing this!” – Linda Michaels, MA (Psychology), creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs and author, ‘Do No Harm Dog Training’

“Tudge, Nilson, Millikan, and Stapleton-Frappell make a compelling argument for, and lay out a comprehensive blueprint to create, the future of our profession.” – Veronica Boutelle, dogbiz founder and author, ‘How To Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is’

“I would urge anyone interested in the direction of the industry to get a copy. It has been invaluable for a project I am involved in, and identifies and clarifies really important aspects of the industry that desperately need addressing. Even as an individual practitioner it provides a great resource for identifying best practice.
Great work by Niki and the team.” – Andrew Hale, chair of association of INTOdogs

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