An Industry in Need

Here you will find a selection of resources that appear in the book as Appendix.

Appendix A: The Recommended Best Practice Model for Pet Training and Behavior Consulting Professionals Click here for the PDF

Appendix B: The Recommended Model for the Assessment of a Professional’s Knowledge and Skill Click here for the PDF

Appendix C: The Recommended Career Stage Mentoring Model Click here for the PDF

Appendix D: The Recommended Consumer Acknowledgement Form for Transparency in Dog Training/Behavior Consulting Services Click here for the PDF

Appendix E: The Recommended Case Study Template for Behavior Consultants Click here for the PDF

Appendix F: The Recommended Corporation Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics Pledge Click here for the PDF

Appendix G: The Recommended Policy for Registration Renewal via Continuing Education Click here for the PDF

Chapter Ten: The Model. Click here for the PDF

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