An Industry in Need

“This is a “must-have” book for any serious force-free trainer, in my opinion. We’re looking toward the future, and must have a road map to stop the flow of shock collars and abusive practices under the guise of “dog training.” I”m so tired of fighting… To find a beautifully crafted PLAN to move our field forward, free of abusive devices and practices, is truly a breath of fresh air. This book is absolutely LOADED with important topics that are music to the ears of any trainer looking to support their position on FF, or involved in animal welfare. Thank you for writing this!” – Linda Michaels, MA (Psychology), creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs and author, ‘Do No Harm Dog Training’

“Tudge, Nilson, Millikan, and Stapleton-Frappell make a compelling argument for, and lay out a comprehensive blueprint to create, the future of our profession.” – Veronica Boutelle, dogbiz founder and author, ‘How To Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is’

“I would urge anyone interested in the direction of the industry to get a copy. It has been invaluable for a project I am involved in, and identifies and clarifies really important aspects of the industry that desperately need addressing. Even as an individual practitioner it provides a great resource for identifying best practice.
Great work by Niki and the team.” – Andrew Hale, chair of association of INTOdogs

“Check out this groundbreaking new resource for the pet training and behavior consulting industry written by the best in the business.” – Paula Garber, owner of LIFELINE Cat Behavior Solutions and chairwoman of the Pet Professional Guild Feline Committee

“…the most important book for professionals. Ground breaking, brave and very important.” – Angelica Steinker, owner of Courteous Canine, Inc, The DogSmith of Tampa and author, ‘Agility Success’ and ‘Click and Play Agility,’ and co-author of ‘A Lexicon of Practical Terms for Pet Trainers and Behavior Consultants’

“Reliable, scientifically accurate behavioral information from experts in the field.” – Gallivan Burwell, owner of Upward Dog Training & Counseling

“Knowledge is power and every trainer, behaviorist, groomer, caregiver should educate themselves as much as they can to better the lives of the dogs in their care and the learning taking place between dog and human.”  Jenny Higgins Nguy, owner & canine behavior consultant at PUPS Dog Training

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