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Respectful Communications Animal Training
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To build the human-animal connection there must be an understanding of your pet’s needs as a captive animal. Positive reinforcement training uses food, treats, toys, and life rewards to reinforce the behaviors you want. Rather than throwing food into a bowl each day you could actually reward your pet for performing on cue (the same way you do when you go to work to get rewarded with a paycheck) while you strengthen the connection with your furry family member. Playtime can also be a chance to teach your pets new tricks and manners using a toy to reinforce and strengthen a behavior. I can teach you how training your dog with rewards will be less stressful for you and your pet and how it can actually make your relationship stronger.

~ Linda Ross, BA, CPPS, LSHU-S, Elite FFCP (Veterinary), FFCP (Veterinary – Avian), FFCP (Veterinary – Equine), PetTech PetSaver™ Trained, AKC Good Citizen® Evaluator, AKC Temperament Test Evaluator

Credentials / Qualifications:
— Fear Free® Elite Certified Professional (1 of the first 50 in the WORLD!) —
— Fear Free® Veterinary Certified Professional (Equine) —
— Fear Free® Veterinary Certified Professional (Avian) —
— Fear Free® Animal Trainer Professional —
— Low Stress Handling® Certified – Silver —
— DogNostics Certified Pet Care Professional (DN-CPCP) —
— Certified Doggone Safe Dog Bite Prevention Educator —
— AKC Canine Good Citizen® Evaluator —
— AKC Temperament Test Evaluator —
— Bonded / Insured–

Professional Affiliations:
— Friend of INTO Dogs
— Member of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) —
— National Coalition On Violence Against Animals (NCOVAA) —
— General Member of Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (AABP) —
— Associate Member of The International Companion Animal Network (ICAN)
— Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) —
— Supporting Member of The International Assoc. of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) —
Business Address
Jasper, GA 30143

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