The Be A Tree Presentation



The “Be a Tree” Presentation

Keeping Kids and Dogs Safe!

These programs are developed to promote education initiatives for the purpose of dog bite prevention and increased child safety around dogs. To provide tools and resources to professional dog trainers, behavior consultants and pet care professionals to support og bite prevention education. 

The Be a Tree program was designed and created for  Doggone safe.

In 2019 DogNostics Education Sponsored the program upgrade to help make it more easily accessible and available.

The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar program for school-age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and act safely around their dogs and strange dogs.
The Be a Tree program is supported by a teacher kit that presenters use to ensure a consistent and accurate presentation. The program and the kit have been developed and reviewed by experts and are designed for use by classroom teachers and presenters.
Half of all kids are bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old. A good percentage of these bites are from a dog the child knows.

Join the growing Be a Tree Presenters list and help educate your local community.


How Can You Deliver The Program

  • The program is designed to be delivered either through a computer, laptop or projector or through posters and interactive activities.
  • This version, the Deluxe Be a Tree Kit includes all of the presenter file options, a full set of high-quality art for the “Would You Pet this Dog” posters, and Canine Communication Posters.
  • This deluxe kit prepares you to deliver the program to private training clients or large groups, your choice!
  • You will be ready to deliver it with your printed manual posters or the recorded PowerPoint presentations and audio-visual support. (all graphics are high quality art for you to print locally)
YOur Teaching Kit Contains:
  • The Be a Tree Educational Presentation without audio (101)
  • A high-quality PDF full color version of the Be a Tree PowerPoint Presentation. (102)
  • A copy of the PowerPoint PDF Be a Tree Note Pages with your recommended presenter script (103)
  • The Be a Tree Educational Presentation with audio (104)
  • MP3 BAT example 1. Kids in a park
  • MP3 BAT example 2. Kids in the city
  • The art for Ten 11 x 17 full color posters with on “Would You Pet This Dog” and the individual Be a Tree Kit Tools
  • The art for Thirteen 11 x 17 Canine Communication posters with for “Be a Dog Detective”
  • The purchase of downloadable posters gives you the right to print them for your individual use only. The art cannot be distributed or forwarded to a third party.


What Presenters Say 

“Doggone Safe Be a Tree Program is an excellent dog bite prevention program because it teaches children and their parents to read dog body language. This skill is on the front line of prevention. When you can understand what the dog is saying, you can better manage the environment to prevent any unfortunate situations. Also, teaching children to respect another living being is so very important. Respect for a dog will create a safe environment. Doggone Safe, using pictures with easy to understand explanations and interactive role playing help children and parents understand how to respect and respond to a dog. “Kathy Wolff – Mosaic Dog Training. Basic Manners Dog Trainer and Responsible Dog Ownership Educator, Watertown All Breed Community

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