Collaborative Care Program

Giving Pets a Voice and a Choice!



The Collaborative Care Program

Giving Pets a Voice and a Choice! 

Earn Continued Education Units While You Learn!

PPAB 2.5, CCPDT & IAABC 2.5.

What is Fostering Collaborative Care?

Procedures that foster collaborative care aim to provide an environment where we help the pet be involved in their care and husbandry procedures.

We teach important skills using positive reinforcement and apply concepts such as

  • Giving pets a choice.
  • Enabling our pets to have a voice,
  • Using approaches to reduce anxiety, stress, and fear.
  • Working to improve the emotional, environmental, and physical well-being…
…. that is where the magic begins to happen.

Whether it be your pet or a client’s pet; a dog, a cat, or a bunny; in your home, during transport, at the veterinary clinic, or in your pet care business, There are so many uses for teaching this set of skills, and they are essential to building collaboration so pets can happily cooperate in their own care.

So let’s get started and give our pets choice and a voice while improving manageability through happy compliance during husbandry and veterinary care procedures.

The Fostering Collaborate Care presentations are delivered in two parts. The program provides you with the skillset and knowledge needed to help pet owners look after their pets’ emotional and physical well-being.


Checkout This Super Video From Graduate Linda Ross

This video is a certification requirement from our Happier Healing Program.

The 7 Key Skills

These skills help build confidence, maintain a high rate of reinforcement and provide a way for the pet partner to effectively move the pet around during a hands-on exam, empowering the pet to let us know when they are ready to participate and or continue with the collaboration.

  1. Shake Hands
  2. Hand Target
  3. Sustained Chin
  4. A Default Sit, Down, or Stand
  5. Paws
  6. On Your Mat

Learning Objectives

  1. Improve a pet’s manageability through happy collaboration during husbandry procedures.
  2. Learn how to teach cooperative behaviors that will help pets experience less stress during pet care procedures, whether in the home, during transport, or at the vet’s, groomer’s, pet sitter’s, or elsewhere.
  3. Support the increase of the human-animal bond and levels of trust shared
  4. Build a positive emotional response to collaborative care
Become a Collaborative Care Partner

Pet Owners – Simply Enjoy the Program – No Need to Certify

Do you and your pet dread having to go to the vet’s?

Do you have a dog that is fearful of getting in cars?

Does caring for your pet sometimes feel like a battle of wills?

This short course will help you learn how to teach your pet to happily collaborate in your home, during transport, veterinary visits, and other care procedures.

Help your pet become a happier pet while you become a happier guardian!

Pet Professionals – Get Certified

  • If you register for the full program above, you will be provided with a 100% discount code at the end of the program to register for this certification. Registration for the Fostering Collaborative Care Program is not, however, obligatory. If you have the skills and knowledge, you can register for this certification without registering for the program.
  • Take an online multiple-choice test comprised of twenty questions
  • Submit four thirty-second videos for review
  • Receive your Collaborative Care Partner certificate and logo!

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