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 The DogNostics Dog Behavior Consulting Program

A Transformational Approach To Behavior Consulting

The transformational approach to behavior change must focus on two equally important components, the art and the science of behavior change.

  1. The Art of Behavior Consulting focuses on the management of behavior change programs through a systematic approach to the management of the process and the people, whereas the
  2. Science of Behavior Consulting works through a scientific approach to behavior change within the environment.

Advanced Study

This program is an advanced program of study. You may register to take the program at any time but you will not receive the Diploma unless you meet all of the eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria can be found below.

The Diploma focuses on behavioral modification processes and does not therefore test competency in basic training skills. To ensure a high level of professional competency in our industry we are not comfortable issuing a Diploma to a professional who has not already had their dog training knowledge and skills assessed. 

Continued Education Units

CCPDT has approved the  Dog Behavior Diploma 21 CEUS for Trainers and 21 CEUs for Dog Behavior Consultants.

The Pet Professional Accreditation Board has approved the Dog Behavior Diploma for 23 CEUS

IAABC has approved the program for 25 CEUS

Monthly Payments

Make monthly payments of $75.00 for 12 months 

One Payment

Make one payment of $800.00 at registration

How Will You Benefit?

  • Receive the Essential Knowledge and Skills to Practice Effective, Ethical Behavior Consulting
  • Learn How to Work Through Case Management from Both The Pet and Owner Perspectives
  • Experience Full Faculty Support & Guidance Over Your 12 Month Program
  • Gain Ongoing Feedback on Your Success
  • Learn Project Management Skills & People Training Skills
  • No Longer Feel Alone – Enjoy Post Program Peer Counsel and Mentoring for
  • Study at Home – To Your Schedule!


Why This Program is Different?

Dog Behavior Consultants and Trainers in many instances believe and expect to be fully prepared to work with clients and support them through behavior change programs upon the completion of a course of training or behavior study. Unbeknown to many industry professionals is that most programs of study do not fully prepare them to help their clients through the change required to support long-term management, training, or relationship activities. They often lack project management, process management, and client management skills.

While there is a continual barrage of new and scientific evidence to support training and behavior practitioners, there is extraordinarily little available to sufficiently and with high degrees of competency adequately skill these professionals so they can perform their consulting duties across real-life scenarios.

Even though much of the academic study for pet training professionals is on learning theory, psychology and other behavior sciences such a neuropsychology, ethology and other approaches, many professional trainers feel very unsure of how best to plan for and manage behavior change with their clients. It is here through the arena of project management skills and people coaching skills that there is a significant disconnect between the idealistic presentation of academia and certifications programs and the practical realities of working in the trenches alongside pet owners and their pets.


Educational Platform. 

All of our courses are available on a professional education web platform. We use Teachable. When you register, you will join this platform and when you log in you will see all of your courses on your home page. You work through the program one module at a time. You also get lifetime access to the program.

Your Program Instructor

Niki Tudge –M.B.A, PCT- A, PCBC-A, SSA-Elite Trainer, ISSA- Transformation Coach, ISSA Nutritional Coach, ChiWalking & ChiRunning Certified Instructor

Have a Question About The DBC Program?

Email Niki Tudge

Your  Program Curiculum

Bonus Webinar

Also included in this program as a bonus is our DMAIC IT! Improve the Accuracy and Efficiency of Your Pet Behavior Consulting Process webinar. Presented by Niki Tudge 

Have a quick look at the first 10 minutes!

 What The Program Covers!

First, What Do We Consider is a Behavior Consultant?

At DogNostics, we consider a Behavior Consultant is a professional who undertakes private consultations with pets and their owners and focuses primarily on modifying behavior problems that are elicited by the animal’s emotional state in a given context (e.g. fear, anxiety). Behavior Consultants are often professional dog trainers who can competently teach pet manners classes, obedience classes, day training, private training sessions, and board and train programs focusing on pet dog skills and manners.

Behavior Consultants are aware of their limitations regarding their ability to prescribe psychotropic or any other kind of medication and diagnose illness, as well as their ethical responsibility in such cases, and can refer to a Veterinarian or Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviourist with greater academic and expansive knowledge. It is considered unethical in pet counseling for a professional to engage in any discussion regarding the diagnosis or treatment of an illness, physical or mental. Only Veterinarians or Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorists are authorized to do this through the license and qualifications they hold.

The DogNostics Diploma offers modules that we believe, having a comprehensive Dog Training Certificate in place, are needed to supplement a Certified Dog Trainers’ knowledge and skills at the highest of levels.


The DogNostics Dog Behavior Diploma Program

This is a 12-month study program. There are six modules, and each module will take around 6-8 weeks to complete. Upon completing the Dog Behavior Diploma Modules you will be entitled to use the DN-DBC by your name.

When DogNostics first launched its behavior program in 2014 we did not then offer an independent and separate comprehensive Dog Training Certificate, now we do! The DogNostics Dog Training Certificate is as comprehensive, if not more so, than any you will find on the market.

The DogNostics Dog Trainer Certificate Program provides an all-encompassing in-depth understanding of operant and respondent conditioning, with students learning about everything from discriminative stimuli, motivating operations, setting events, and the transferal of stimulus control; to primary and secondary reinforcement consequences, protocols and schedules; to canine ethology and social behavior.  All students learn the Train-Test-Train method, as well as how to successfully implement the four key stages of learning from acquisition, to fluency, to generalization and maintenance. 

DN-DTC graduates have a comprehensive understanding of and ability to apply many training methods including luring, capturing, micro-shaping, targeting, environmental molding, social and conceptual learning. Students begin the program learning how to efficiently and effectively lure behaviors and end the program, not only having an in-depth understanding of the scientific principles involved in training, but also with the competent skills to teach complex compound behavior chains, sequences, merges, modifiers, quantifiers, comparatives and matches to sample.

At DogNostics we believe that the pet industry needs to continually move towards a higher level of professionalism. As such we do not offer short programs that certify or accredit individuals as Dog Training Professionals or Dog Behavior Consultants. We offer comprehensive programs that will ensure certificants or graduates are highly credentialed and posses the relevant level of knowledge and skills to successfully practice their craft using the latest science and research available and supported by full consumer transparency and professional ethics. 

The DogNostics Teaching Approach

During your time with us, you will learn the essential knowledge and skills to practice effective and ethical behavior consulting. We commit to providing you with full faculty support & guidance over your 12-month program and after you graduate. Make the most of your ongoing feedback. We will constantly question and challenge you to ensure you get the most out of the program.

Here at DogNostics we believe in the Socratic method of teaching where we form a cooperative dialogue based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions. We are here to support you on your journey.

Please take the time to get to know us; we will do the same. That way, we can both enjoy our interactions feeling safe and respected. We will each learn along the way.

If, at any time, you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Jumping on a telephone call or webinar meeting is very easily set up and often, this can avoid communication difficulties through email or chat groups.

Program Eligibility
The Dog Behavior Diploma program assumes the candidate has already secured a specific level of knowledge and mechanical skills prior to enrolling. Therefore, on completion of this program, DogNostics is comfortable to present the Behavior Diploma to candidates who successfully complete it.

If you have not already secured the necessary skills and knowledge you may of course take the program. Should you wish to complete all the homework assignments and work towards earning the Diploma you will also have to show documented proof that you meet the preliminary skills and knowledge requirements. We will only provide the Diploma Certification to highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

To earn the credential please review the three available options.

Eligibility Criteria.

Option 1 – If you feel you already have the required foundational knowledge and skills as a Dog Trainer, and can provide documentation to verify this, you may join the program and upon successful completion, you will earn the credential. If you are currently a PCT-A, CPDT-KSA or have the DN- DTC then we will accept these credentials as documented proof as we are familiar with the Knowledge and Skill testing procedures.

Option 2 – If you do not qualify for Option 1 then register into the program. Prior to completing the program, you can submit the documentation to show you meet the knowledge and skill requirements as in Option 1. The necessary requirements are detailed below.

Option 3 – If you do not qualify for or are an inexperienced Dog Trainer then we recommend that you sign up for and complete the DogNostics Dog Training Certificate led and mentored by Louise Stapleton-Frappell and then transition onto this program.  

Knowledge & Skill Requirements

Knowledge Assessment Requirement

a)     Can provide an hour log to show 200 hours of training hours, either group or private training. Must have both dogs and pet owners included

b)    Successfully pass with a grade of 85% or higher the on-line DogNostics Dog Training Certificate Examination. This may be taken twice for a retake fee of $20.00

Skill Competency Requirements

You can provide, via video submission, evidence of the following skill competency

a.      5 x 3-minute long videos demonstrating a high level of individual skills from an assigned skill list

b.     Can provide evidence of a successfully installed Conditioned Emotional Response from baseline to happiness

c.      Can provide a video of a Complex Compound Behavior Chain that demonstrates the ability to teach discrete behaviors of the highest quality, with the final chain under stimulus control of a compound verbal cue.


Download the PDF below for the complete list of the skill and knowledge requirements

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