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This program The Speak Dog program, was approved for CEUS

PPAB- 6 IAABC- 2.5 CPDT – 2.5

Avoid Behavior Myopia Through a Comprehensive Understanding of Canine Communication & Social Behavior

Help Keep Pets and Families Together!

Dogs don’t whisper nor do they talk, they use a complicated system of communication to express themselves. Learning to talk dog will:

  • Enhance the relationship you have with your own dog and dogs you come into contact with on a daily basis
  • Have an immediate impact on the way you meet and greet dogs in public.
  • Help you effectively communicate with dogs, keeping everyone safe, humans and canines alike.
  • Help you reliably predict a dogs future behavior given a set of conditions and by understanding its communication you can avoid being bitten and better educate others on bite prevention.
  • Understand whether the training you are embarking on is reinforcing or punishing to the dog by effectively reading their body language and better understanding their emotional state.
  • Help enrich the lives of dogs by making them feel safer and more empowered through the application of consent testing.
  • Open dogs up to a new world. Speaking Dog helps them feel more empowered, it enriches their lives and can make them feel safer.
  • Recognize that like people, dogs personalities range from being social butterflies to wallflowers.

Join a program that has proven in the past to be very successful, hundreds of professionals have participated in it and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Certification Requirments

This program will support your community dog bite prevention goals and enable you to enhance your current dog training curriculums. Components of this program work very well in private lessons and group lessons to support your other teachings.
This program consists of 17 lessons with a quick self-check quiz to ensure you have achieved the learning objectives.
  • To certify as a Dog Bite Prevention Educator, you must complete all 17 lessons
  • Complete a final online, open-book test
  • Submit 2 x 30-second videos and
  • Complete an observational worksheet regarding your dog’s behavior.

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