Dog Training Pro Starter Kit



Your Dog Training Pro Starter Kit

The Essential Top Ten Skills and Knowledge You Need to Begin Your Dog Training Career!
Earn Continued Education Units While You Learn!

 The Pet Professional Accreditation Board 3 CEUs, CCPDT 0.5

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Why Register For This Program

The Dog Trainer Pro Starter Kit is essential for anyone considering a career in dog training. The program is also relevant to all who are about to begin your DogNostics Dog Trainer Certificate Program. It is even relevant to professionals who may have missed out on some of the essential foundation skills and knowledge or would like to do a quick recap!

We know you are excited to begin your journey to becoming a professional dog trainer. We also realize that you undoubtedly have passion for your new chosen career (or hobby), but before you start, we believe it is crucial to have the pre-requisite mechanical skills underpinned with some important and specific knowledge!

Key mechanical skills and an understanding of the process and methodology are needed before you start any pet dog training program and they are also an essential foundation to any pet professional’s career.

This short and fun training resource with video demonstrations will help get you off to a flying start, but is also a fantastic resource for professionals who wish to recap the foundational skills and knowledge that will help improve their training and their business revenue!

The Curriculum – What You Will Learn!

This curriculum will teach you the top five essential pieces of knowledge and top five skills that are needed to successfully move through a dog trainer certification program – or to begin training any dog! After all, dog training is a mechanical skill, and effective dog training relies on understanding how to apply these mechanical components to real-life scenarios. As with any skill, the underlying knowledge needs to be in place so that you understand the systems, methods, and protocols that we use, which will be crucial to you and your future clients’ (both human and canine) success.

Program Focus

The focus of this program is on the procedural skills required and critical knowledge. The following top ten essential skills and knowledge are presented, along with recommended homework for you to do!

#1 Your Best Decision

#2 +R Rock

#3 “No!” isn’t a Behavior

#4 Management for Success

#5 You’ve Got It

#6 Your Training Gear

#7 The Training Steps

#8 What Will You Name It?

#9 Train-Test-Train

#10 Practice Makes Perfect!


The program content:

  • A recorded introduction to your ‘Getting Started’ program.
  • An overview of the training equipment that you will need.
  • Individual overviews of the key knowledge and skills. A total of 52 minutes of listening, divided between ten bite-sized lessons to listen to at your convenience.
  • Suggested ‘homework’ exercises to help you cement your learning.
  • 4 e-learning videos that focus on clicker mechanics; the correct order of events; intelligent luring, and safe treat delivery!
  • 27 additional e-learning videos, providing 52 minutes extra of essential viewing to help you further your understanding of the key knowledge and practice the essential skills you will need!
  • Numerous extra ‘tips for success’ – There really are too many to list!
  • Your Top Ten eBook

Written and contributed to by qualified canine training and behavior specialists.

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