Empowering Dogs to Embrace Muzzles with Love!

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Unlock the Secret to Happy Muzzle Training

Learn From Experienced Faculty Who Have Muzzle Trained Their Pets For Years

Welcome to Our Transformative Course

“Empowering Dogs to Embrace Muzzles with Love!”

 Are you a devoted pet parent or a passionate dog trainer seeking to ensure your furry companion’s comfort and safety? Join us on an exciting journey where we demystify the process of training dogs to not only accept but genuinely adore wearing muzzles!

In this comprehensive short course, we’ll empower you with cutting-edge, force-free techniques to build a positive association between your dog and their muzzle. Whether it’s for veterinary visits, grooming, or any other situation, our proven methods will make muzzle time a stress-free and even enjoyable experience for your four-legged friend.

Our expert faculty, led by Louise, a distinguished dog behavior consultant and professional trainer, will guide you through each step. You’ll gain the skills and confidence to make your dog a muzzle enthusiast, ensuring their well-being and your peace of mind.

Join us in this exciting journey of love, trust, and positive reinforcement, and say goodbye to muzzle-related anxiety forever. Enroll today and become the advocate your dog deserves! 

What You’ll Learn

  1. Gentle, force-free methods for introducing and acclimating your dog to a muzzle.
  2. Building a positive association with muzzles for stress-free vet visits and grooming.
  3. Techniques to ensure your dog’s comfort and willingness to wear a muzzle happily.
  4. Real-life scenarios and troubleshooting tips for success.
Don’t wait; your dog’s well-being is worth it. Enroll now, and let’s start teaching dogs to embrace muzzles with love! 


What’s Included!



  1. It’s a Tried and tested Training Plan!
  2. Why Muzzle Train Your Dog?
  3. Additional Tips for Pet Professionals (and Guardians too)!
  4. You Will Need Lots of Treats!
  5. The Key to Success!

The Ten Training Steps to Success:

  1. Condition a Positive Emotional Response to the Sight of the Muzzle!
  2. Continue to Condition a Positive Emotional Response to the Sight of the Muzzle!
  3. It’s Just a Dish!
  4. Feed Through the End of the Muzzle!
  5. It’s Squeezy Cheese Time!
  6. Let’s Pretend to Fasten Up!
  7. Let’s Play Some Fun Games!
  8. It’s Muzzle Up Time
  9. Name It!
  10. More Muzzle Wearing Fun!

10 PDF FILES – One for each of the Training Steps!



The proof is in the success stories of thousands of dogs!

These training methods have not only been rigorously tested by me with my own dogs, including my beloved German Shepherd, Tessa, and my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jambo, but they’ve also been applied successfully to countless client dogs at The DogSmith of Estepona.

Furthermore, these steps have been embraced and found effective by numerous DogNostics students, providing evidence of their universal applicability and success.

In our video demonstrations, you’ll get a glimpse into my journey with Tessa and Jambo. While the older footage might not boast the best audio quality, it’s essential for you to witness Tessa’s initial muzzle training. She hadn’t worn a muzzle before, making it relatable for those introducing a muzzle to their dogs for the first time.

As for Jambo, he’s now 11 years old and has been happily wearing a muzzle in public for a decade, thanks to these training techniques!

If you’re curious, the original video below , “How To Teach Your Dog To Love Wearing A Muzzle,” is still available for viewing on YouTube. With over 74,000 views and a wealth of positive feedback from dog owners who have found success, it’s a testament to the power of these methods.

Join us on this journey of compassionate collaboration and positive reinforcement, and let’s make muzzle training a delightful experience for your furry friend.

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