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Pet Dog Solutions

Five Programs For Pet Owners – Great online instruction with videos and clear  instruction. Learn with your pet in your own home at your own pace

What is Pet Dog Solutions?

In these programs, we provide you with a tool-kit that can be accessed by pet dog guardians and professionals too!

This Pet Dog Solutions Program will help ensure a low-stress introduction and adjustment period for both dogs and humans. The program content spans from preparing for your new dog to picking him up, right through to the first few weeks in your home.

The information provided in this easy-to-follow program will not only have a positive impact on the lives of pet dog owners and their new canine family member but will also be an invaluable resource for pet care providers and trainers, who may be a family’s first point of contact when they are considering a new family pet, and for rescues, shelters, and breeders, who are placing dogs and would like to assist new families on the transition to life with their new dog.


Earn Continued Education Units While You Learn!

Pet Dog Solutions – Common Problems – CCPDT 5 CEUs. PPAB 5, IAABC 5 CEUs

Pet Dog Solutions – Key Training Concepts  – CCPDT 1.5 CEUs. PPAB 1.5

Pet Dog Solutions – Bringing Your New Dog Home – CCPDT 1 CEUs. PPAB 1

Pet Dog Solutions – Your Guide To Positive Socialization –  CCPDT 3 CEUs. PPAB 3, IAABC 3 CEUs

Pet Dog Solutions – Essential Training Skills –  CCPDT 4 CEUs. PPAB 4


Learn More About Each Level

Click on the icon to visit the individual program and review the curriculum and the program details

#1 Bringing Your New Dog Home

#2 Guide To Positive Socialization 

#3 The Key Training Concepts 

#4 Essential Training Skills

#5 Addressing Common Behavior Problems

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