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Walk This Way Program

Everything You Need to Add The Program To Your Business Services & Gain A New Credential!

The Comprehensive Walk This Way Skills, Knowledge & Proofing Games Program has been awarded CEUs: PPAB 4.5

Three Options To Choose From

  1. Take and enjoy the program learning new skills and knowledge.
  2. Take and enjoy the program and submit your skill videos to achieve your new credential.
  3. Have all the skills and knowledge already, meet the certification requirements and enjoy your new crededntial


Earn Continued Education Units While You Learn!

PPAB 3.5, CCPDT 3.5, IAABC 3.5

Dogs and Pet Owners Everywhere Will Thank YOU

Walking nicely is a life skill that when missing can significantly and negatively impact the human-canine relationship resulting in fewer walks, less exercise, and a decrease in social exposure for the dog. For this reason, DogNostics developed the “Walk This Way” program to support you, supporting and educating clients and pet dogs in your community.

The “Walk This Way” program is a complete professional trainer’s program covering all the knowledge, skills, and proofing games you need to implement this service into your business. It can be used for private training, group training, board n train clients, or even as a workshop.

Your “Walk This Way” Package, also includes your assessment to certify as a licensed Walk This Way Instructor.

What is Included

Your 45-page Instructor Manual.
The manual includes the following:
  • Your group class plan is complete with a full introduction, 6-class schedule, knowledge sections, and practical exercises
  • A bonus curriculum for a two-day workshop schedule which can be adjusted to meet your needs
  • Workshop verbiage for your attendees on safety & structure
  • 10 practical exercises with full instructions
  • 8 proofing games with full instructions
  • 10 knowledge segments to help you improve your clients’ understanding of why dogs pull and how we can prevent it
  • A section on how to market the program within your community
  • Recommended tools and equipment
  • Program advice on group size, layout, and pricing
  • Graduation ceremony and certificate presentation
  • 6 x How to e-Learning videos

Your Presentation Tools:

  • A 70-minute MP4 recording of the Walk This Way Instructor Skills and Knowledge PowerPoint presentation, broken down into easy-to-follow, bite-sized lessons for you to watch at your convenience.
  • A copy of each lesson’s PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file.

Also included in the program are:

  • 2 Editable PDF Client Attendance Certificate
  • A 4-page client knowledge handout

The Following DogNostics Handouts:

  • Teaching Your Dog to ‘Let’s Go’
  • Teaching Your Dog to Stand Politely On-Leash
  • Teaching an Alert Sound
  • DogNostics Walk This Way Client Knowledge Handout

Your Program Marketing:

4 Social media graphics, as PDFs and JPEGs


Get Certified

The Certification Process

How To Become a DogNostics Walk This Way Instructor

  • Read and sign the DogNostics Licensed Presenter Agreement
  • Pass an open book test consisting of 20 questions
  • Submit one video for assessment
  • Receive your Walk This Way Instructor certificate and logo!


Early Adopter Testimonials

I love this program! 

– Marie Popa Nolan– The Love of Dogs!

I’ve skimmed through most of the docs and printed a few things. I think this was a wise investment. I’m going to use it to form a private training program first that is just for walking nicely. I think my clients will like the idea of getting their problems solved while learning other skills. I’m loving the possibilities here!

– Roni Campbell – Walking With a Friend

I have done several courses with these amazing guys, every one amazing, content is always on point, delivery superb, and best of all the dog (learner) is always put first … love it!

I have just completed the ‘Walk this Way’ instructors course, super course and really easy to teach to students, would highly recommend it.

– Lynn Stacey – Dog A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability)

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