DogNostics Education Announces Membership with Pet Industry Advocacy International.  

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DogNostics is proud to join a coalition of organizations standing up for Ethics, Transparency, Consumer Protection, and Professional Competency.

 Inverness, FL – April 20, 2022 – The Founders of DogNostics Education announce they have applied and been approved to join Pet Industry Advocacy Intenational as an organizational member.  Membership eligibility is focused on individual organizations taking a position and making transparent and publicly available statements regarding their organizational policies, with a particular focus on

  1. The Organization’s Professional Code of Conduct
  2. Ethical Accountability of the organization’s members, employees, students and/or volunteers
  3. Transparency in training regarding equipment, approach, methodology and philosophy

Pet Industry Advocacy International believes there is a need for a high level of oversight in the pet industry across all professional disciplines. Licensing has been a proposed option, but licensing without a strong underlying ethical code of conduct and a minimum standard for knowledge and skills of service providers does not provide the minimum requirement for protection and level of service needed by pet owners and their pets.

There is a prevalence of individuals who hold no credentials, formal education, knowledge, or skills, yet who are today working across the world with full responsibility for the well-being and welfare of their unknowing clients’ precious pets. This is no longer considered acceptable. Compounding this, there is also a significant lack of consumer protection and transparency across the marketing and operations platforms of many pet service businesses, leaving pets and their owners in peril. In the pet industry there are also inherent challenges with how pets are legally classified and there is a lack of reporting of animal cruelty. This variability of how animal cruelty laws are enforced means there is insufficient protection for pets and their owners when it comes to holding professionals accountable for their methodology, approach, and philosophy toward their craft and toward the people and animals they serve.

DogNostics Partner Louise Stapleton-Frappell said “As a pet industry education provider, DogNostics is not only proud to promote a high standard of professional competency via our skills and knowledge-based programs, curriculums, and certifications; we are also very proud of our amazing students, who, equally passionate about the pet industry, work diligently to achieve the best level of skills and knowledge possible.

DogNostics’ partners, faculty, and students all adhere to strict Guiding Principles based around an ethical ‘force-free’ framework of seeking to do no harm, but instead seeking to do good, thus we are delighted to announce that we have joined Pet Industry International Advocacy’s mission to professionalize the pet industry through ethics, consumer protection, and professional competency.”


About DogNostics Education

DogNostics is an affordable, science based, ethical educational provider for pet professionals.

DogNostics provide a wide range of educational programs from webinars to short learning courses, all the way to multi-level certificate and diploma programs. DogNostics provides education that is scientifically supported, humane and ethical. Programs do not just cover the art, craft and science of training and behavior but also cover the fundamentals of how to operate and manage a pet professional business. The DogNostics faculty and founders are all certified people trainers or teachers and are highly experienced pet business owners and pet professionals with a wide array of experience and credentials. The DogNostics Foundes and Partners are passionate about the future of the pet industry and the development of those who practice within it. 

About Pet Industry Advocacy International 

PIAI believes that the pet industry worldwide needs increased regulation, oversight, and adherence to policies, procedures and best practices as applied to: The delivery of and adherence to, professional ethics of a similar and high standard such as those applied in the behavioral sciences and the medical profession. Transparent and honest operational policies that protect the end-user and the consumer, from fraudulent and deceptive operational and marketing practices. The concept of professional competency, skills, and knowledge of practitioners. The “Gold Standard” in professional competency through independent skill and knowledge credentials.