Enrichment is really important for our pets but really comes into its own when you cannot physically exercise your pet due to really hot weather 

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment allows our pets to demonstrate their species-typical behavior. It also provides them the time and resources to exercise control or choice over their own environment. And let’s not forget that it really enhances their well-being. Enrichment is not a fad or a toy it is considered really essential to their  welfare.

Help your dog lead a happy and enriched life by providing activities for them that engage their innate behaviors. Think about behaviors such as playing, running, chasing, sniffing, etc. Providing activities for your dog that encourage these types of species-specific behaviors provides physical, emotional and mental satisfaction.

Lacking these outlets, your pet may become “Self-Employed” and demonstrate behaviors that are not to your liking!

The expression “self employed makes many of us chuckle. Full credit goes to Barbara Hodel, a friend and collegue of mine  in Sydney Australia. Barbara talks about teenage dogs and how if you are not careful with your teenage dog then they can quickly move from “Unemployed to Self Employed”.  Barbara has a great book out called How To Love and Survive Your Teenage Dog . You can find it here 

“Environmental enrichment can be defined as stimuli and/or procedures that are added to or modify an animal’s environment and result in some measurable improvement in the behavioral and physiological well-being (i.e., welfare or wellness) of an exhibited animal (Fernandez & Timberlake, 2008; Hoy, Murray, & Tribe, 2010; Maple & Perdue, 2013; Markowitz, 1982; Shepherdson, 1998; Young, 2003).”

Why Provide Enrichment

  • Provides a fun and enriching environment
  • Encourages the pet to explore and forage
  •  A great way to provide stimulation in bad weather or during a physical rehabilitation period
  •  Encourages problem solving
  • Helps your pet learn new skillsAlleviate boredomIt’s just fun, fun, fun

Types of Enrichment

1. Passive enrichment
This provides sensory stimulation but requires the pet have no direct contact or control of the activity.  This type of enrichment can be provided via  visual and auditory scenarios.

2. Active enrichment
This provides a type of physical activity that requires the pet to directly interact with the enrichment item or location. There are 5 subcategories within active enrichment.

There are so many ways you can add enrichment to your pets life. At DogNostics in our Canine Enrichement Tehcnican Program we provide the knowledge and skills to support the following enrichment. You can learn more here