Body movement is essential to our well-being, and getting a movement program going often comes down to choosing which one is for you, walking, running, or both.   But did you know there is only one slight difference in the definitions of walking & running?

When you walk, you have one foot on the ground. 

When you run, you’re in the air during each stride.

Nothing in this definition speaks to speed or distance or one being superior to the other. It’s your time, your choice. Never feel pressured to run if walking is your thing. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and can provide multiple benefits to our physical and mental well-being.

Whatever you choose to participate in, walking or running, please take the time to focus on your mechanics. As adults, most of us have developed bad posture and poor walking habits. Our lifestyles set us up to spend too much time at a desk, seated and slouchy, or on chairs wrapped around an electronic device. Good form in walking and running can be recuperative and not destructive to our bodies. Excellent walking or running form addresses posture, body part movement, stride, cadence, stance, and much more.

Good walking and running form helps you move more efficiently and more effectively. In addition, good form prevents injuries, aches, pains, and niggles from developing and can help heal our bodies.

If you want to start a walking or running hobby, please seek a professional walking or running coach. Specialized coaches are critical as they can not only address your movement form but can also help with the development and progression of your program. A great coach will also help you with personal accountability and provide tools to get your walking or running hobby up and moving!

How you get healthy is YOUR activity. Enjoy each step because it is just for you, not those who mock, jeer, or watch. It’s for YOU, your health, enjoyment, and sanity. Your thing!