Canine Enrichment Technician Certification

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This is the breakthrough in caring for our Dogs that we’ve all been waiting for?

Announcing DogNostics’ Canine Enrichment Technician Program

More Than 10 Hours of Educational Webinars, Videos & Quizzes

Continuing Education Units – PPAB 20, CCPDT 25, IAABC 17

Become a Canine Enrichment Technician and provide your community with this game-changing service for your clients.

What is Our Canine Enrichment Program, and Why Should I Teach It?

Behavioral enrichment is an animal husbandry principle that seeks to enhance the quality of captive animal care by identifying and providing the environmental stimuli necessary for optimal psychological and physiological well-being – Wikipedia.

Our Canine enrichment program is a system developed to effectively help you assess, implement and guide your clients on providing a stimulating living environment for their dog that offers ample opportunities for their pet to engage in natural behaviors.

Environmental enrichment helps satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of your client’s pets and allows the pets to make choices. Thus, animal enrichment creates a win-win-win situation for your clients and their pets.

Pets that have good mental health will engage with their environment more, be less aggressive, and less fearful, and are more peaceful, exploratory and at ease with their surroundings. Happy dog – the happy, loyal client!

As a Canine Enrichment Technician, you support this positive mental welfare by showing your clients how to encourage these natural behaviors in their pets. An enriched canine is a happy, healthy and easy-to-live-with canine.

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September 21, 2021