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Your DogNostics Apprentice Dog Training Program Was Amazing
Your DogNostics Apprentice program was amazing. You made it fun and very informative. I now have the foundational training skills to confidently move forward to complete the next level of my training. I am so looking forward to my dog trainer certification. Thank you for providing such an educational fear free force free training program! Kudos!
Diane R
My Pups Are Pretty Happy With Our Activities Also!
I just completed my Professional Pet Care Certification. I had fun and learned much. I am also going through the Canine Enrichment class and enjoying that as well. My pups are pretty happy with our activities also.  
Kathleen Hayward  - DN-PPCC
The Dog Training Certification Course.
The Apprentice Level has been amazing! Even with prior experience, I have learned so much in this course and have really enjoyed it! Not only has the information and coursework been enjoyable and informative, but I have had all of my questions answered by the wonderful course instructor, Louise Stapleton-Frappell. She has been so helpful and kind, and really makes me feel seen and understood. She responds to questions in a very timely manner and offers great advice! Overall, this course has been wonderful and I am so excited to continue!  
Harmony Henson
I enjoyed the program

Thank you! I enjoyed the program, it was very helpful. Looking forward to doing further courses in the future.

Steph Danis
Fantastic Course – Professional Pet Care Certification
This two-day program was excellent, and I am now digging into the online course we got with the two-day virtual program. The topics are extensive and far broader than the other certification programs I have completed. I love the small lessons and lifetime access. Thank you. Looking forward to coming back next year as an auditor Mary Bammer
A Great Workshop!
I was able to attend a few of the sessions live.  A great workshop!  A refresher on protocols for care, etc., is always helpful. Information on new approaches to training and care as things have changed since 2019, with COVID and animals.    I have already started reviewing the recordings again. Thank you to all involved with the presentations for the workshop, appreciated.--  
Denise Yoder
ABC Certified Dog Trainer / Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, President
Thank You For Great Affordable Education
"Thank you so much for the feedback, Louise! I am enjoying the course very much, I'm so grateful that you are able to provide the education at such a low cost - all other options are out of my budget! ... I have been clicker training for a couple of years now, but I've struggled so much to split behaviors to a tiny enough amount among many other issues with my mechanics. I'm so grateful to finally be getting the guidance and feedback I need to keep improving my skills."  
Devina Iyer
Canine Enrichment Program
WOW, the CET program is fabulous. Not only did I learn all the necessary skills to build fabulous enrichment programs for my clients but the Assessment Pack that came with the program is fabulous. I was able to implement this as a new service within days of getting my certification Well worth the money and i have my investment back already after just one client!
Susan Dew
The DTC Program Has Been an Intense and Incredibly Rewarding Experience! 
"I can’t believe that I’ve reached the end of the program!  It has been a rigorous run and the past 18 months have been an intense and incredibly rewarding experience! I am so grateful to you for creating this course!  It has opened up new avenues to explore! Working, playing, and training with my dog clients has been such a gift. And being able to show clients another way to engage with their dogs to meet their needs for mental stimulation, keep them safe, and deepen their bond has been life-changing for all of us! I am grateful for your attentive responses to questions and assignments and all the valuable feedback you have provided."  
Gayle Koyanagi
The Best Resources
Dognostics provides the best resources I’ve ever seen. As a professional certified dog trainer you offer meaningful tools that I can use in my training program(s). Thank you  
Gabriella Reid
Certified Dog Trainer
Walk This Way Instructor Program
I had my first 'outdoor' Walk This Way' workshop and thought you might like to see a comment.  Your system is absolutely a dream.  The workshop was a blast and more comments (requested) to come.  Thanks you to you and DogNostics for giving me this joy so late in life. Here is a participant's comment of the day one workshop. If you are thinking about taking one of Cheryl King's "Loose Leash Walking" sessions I highly recommend it! My dog and I attended a seminar, facilitated by Cheryl, that had a beautiful venue, was well thought out and planned. Cheryl provided a safe space and guidance to help me become a better handler and leader for my dog. We practiced a variety of training goals, focussing on loose leash walking, with fun games throughout the day in which my dog became more focussed on me while at the same time as reinforcing a strong bond between us. Cheryl is able to adapt to each individual dog and handler as she recognizes that each pair is different than the others and clearly communicates how to train specific behaviors with positive reinforcement. I really enjoyed my experience, as did my dog, and will attend another session in future if she hosts one! I just wanted to share just one of many experiences I have had with your guidance.  
Cheryl King
Come When Called-Teaching a Reliable Recall
"Hello, I have been a force-free trainer in the Tampa Bay area in Florida for over 10 years. Helping pet parents and their dogs is my passion. Recently, I found myself seeking out new ways to offer my clients some new training programs without having to "reinvent the wheel". I discovered Dognostics and the challenge was solved. I have added their "Come When Called-Teaching a Reliable Recall" to my coaching choices and I could not be happier. The course includes everything you need to teach a recall class and more. I am looking forward to taking advantage of the many tools that Dognostics offers to continue to improve and build my training biz. You need to check it out!"
Neil Rubenstein
Positive Touch Dog Training
Fun Scent Games Level 1 & 2 Loads of Fun
I have really enjoyed both courses and the online delivery of classes too. Myself and the Dogs had lots of fun, I really enjoyed the delivery of items modules too and the dumbbells as this isn't something that I have covered in other scent courses. I also really like the challenge for the instructor video of the delivery to hand and that clients don't have to as it was fun to do something new that challenged us. I also think the short quizzes really help towards the main exam too as it helps to remember key points from within the modules. I really enjoy your courses, they are really refreshing and fun to do! Thankyou so much again for your kind feedback.  
Tasha Attwood 
highly recommend!

I have done several courses with these amazing guys, every one amazing, content is always on point, delivery superb and best of all the dog (learner) is always put first ... love it! I have just completed the 'Walk this Way' instructors course, super course and really easy to teach to students, would highly recommend it.

Lynn Stacey
Dog A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability)
a wise investment!
I've skimmed through most of the docs and printed a few things. I think this was a wise investment. I'm going to use it to form a private training program first that is just for walking nicely. I think my clients will like the idea of getting their problems solved while learning other skills. I'm loving the possibilities here!
Roni Campbell
Walking With a Friend
I love this program!
Marie Popa Nolan
The Love of Dogs!
This course allowed my dog to gain confidence and he is happy doing tricks.
The Master level allowed me to accomplish complex tasks like a solid fetch, a short trick routine, a merged behavior, a match to sample and the Do as I Do protocol with Jack and my training knowledge and skills improved a lot. It was always a challenge, but never to hard that you would fail. I learned to be aware of Jack emotions and capacity as he is a fearful and anxious dog. This course allowed my dog to gain confidence and he is happy doing tricks.
Line Potvin DN-DTC & Jack, Québec
has given me a chance to take my knowledge to another level
The DogNostics Dog Training Master course has given me a chance to take my knowledge to another level... Each webinar is packed full of information covering many subjects with attention to detail, teaching clearly with many interesting science-based facts and added information in our additional learning pack... I can safely say that this is one of the best courses I've done, I felt I could work without pressure, go steady and really make the best of new information. I put to practise and polished my skills over many months, which we needed, both myself and my dog – my training partner throughout have had the best time. Thank you, Louise for teaching this course, it has been an invaluable experience.
Lizzie Morris DN-DTC and Heidi DN-TMA, U.K.
Let me begin by saying THANK YOU to the course creator…
... Let me begin by saying THANK YOU to the course creator, Louise Stapleton-Frappell. She put together a course that not only focused on the mechanical skills needed to teach the behaviors, but went above and beyond that, and taught the theory behind the training... Her knowledge and experience truly shine through in every detail, from the slides in the webinars, to the additional homework material, and the wonderful videos... Her mentoring of the students in the course was greatly appreciated. Under her watchful eye, I became a more consistent trainer... I would also like to thank Louise for opening a Facebook group.. a place to go with questions, to post our videos, and to meet some new friends. For those of you still working through the course I wish you all the best. I will be looking forward to watching your upcoming videos. Have fun and happy training!
Terri Latronica
This has been a lovely way to enrich the relationship I share with my dogs.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Journeyman course and have learnt so much. The information here is second to none and needs careful understanding, so all the extra links and opportunity to watch the webinars time again is invaluable. As an older student it has helped me greatly to watch, read, listen and actually apply what I have learnt in my training and also watch and share progress with the Facebook group. This has been a lovely way to enrich the relationship I share with my dogs. Thank you!
Lizzie Morris, Devon
I highly recommend this class to anyone
I have really enjoyed the DogNostics Journeyman Course presented by Louise Stapleton-Frappell. This class goes beyond just showing you how to train a certain trick but divulges into the science behind the force free training. The how and why it works so well; how it opens the door to communicate with the learner, thus, setting them up for success... I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a stronger and more meaningful relationship with their furry companion. Louise is a wonderful, encouraging person and a very well-informed instructor...
Patti Howerton, Illinois.
thank you for being the creator of such a WONDERFUL course
...want to thank you for being the creator of such a WONDERFUL course. I had taken two other titling courses and in comparison, now I feel like I just bought the titles. There was no testing and no education as in your course. I feel your course is the GOLD standard by which I will measure all other training courses!! Thanks again for a wonderful job developing the course and all the hours you must invest in keeping the course running."
Terri Latronica
Dog Trainer at Boyette Animal Hospital. Florida
well-organized and skillfully instructed
The Dognostics DTC Program is a well-organized and skillfully instructed course of study that sets up both dog and human learners for success! The content presented is current, relevant, fun and clearly delivered. Feedback on assignments is consistently returned in a timely fashion. Key concepts are repeated in different ways and reinforced throughout the Modules. Training mechanics are front and centre with easy to follow instructions and demos as well as a mindful discussion of ethics and how we chose to define ourselves as trainers/teachers.
Gayle Koyanagi, British Columbia
I’m looking forward to the next course I will participate in!
...Tied into the webinars, we were introduced to relevant theory which blew my beginner's mind and expanded my knowledge to a new level. I am more conscious now about WHEN, WHERE, WHY and thinking about appropriate behaviors which fulfil the need/s of each dog (working in a shelter)... Thank you, Louise for this extraordinary course, your support and the extra miles you went to for me and for all of us. This is only the beginning for me with DogNostics and I'm looking forward to the next course I will participate in.
Andrea Dvorak, Cyprus
A brilliant course …
... A brilliant course for either beginners or masters! Easy to follow instructions and every behaviour is dissected in a manner that is fun...
Claire Staines PCT-A
Such a wonderful training program.
Such a wonderful training program. I found the presentations concise with great videos to supplement my learning and the reviews in written form are just perfect for me! A great multi-sensory approach. I found going through the whole 5 sessions also increased my understanding more for the beginning sessions (earlier months). Thank you for "splitting" vs "lumping" this material.
Joyce Spinden M.Ed. CPDT-KA.
Be Positive! Family Dog Training, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
... I work with dogs on a regular basis each week and I have enjoyed delivering, in my opinion, a better and more concise training experience for carers and their dogs in reflection of this course. The webinar and information supplied can be watched and read time over where needed, there is a supportive Facebook group for course members bringing together like minded people who help each other and share their knowledge and experiences - brilliant! From a pet dog carer’s perspective, I feel the course can only enrich any dog/human relationship and bring fun to every day, deepening the bond between them. All my dogs are enjoying this!
Lizzie Morris, U.K.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone…
...Having a month to review the material and perform the required activities is just enough time to be very doable with a busy schedule...The webinars are very informative. Louise is very nice and helpful, and the extra material given to read has been very informative and interesting. Meeting other people and their dogs from around the world has been fascinating... I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their training knowledge and skills, all while having more fun with their dog!
Patti H.
I love it…
...It is like another depth to the training we have already done, and I love it, so thank you for opening my eyes to a new perspective...
Lynn Stacey, England
They have totally inspired me to delve deeper…
... The instructor, Louise Stapleton-Frappell is always willing to help, or address questions. Through her Supplemental Learning assignments, I have learned so much more about the science and mechanics of training. They have totally inspired me to delve deeper into subjects I thought I knew...
Sandra Lacroix, U.S.A.
Thank you for all you do
The Apprentice Course is one of the best online courses I have taken... I've learned about the science behind the training... Thank you for all you do.
Diann Andress
Looking forward to the next level…
... The course is well laid out, each module compliments the next module. The support from the team and other students if you're struggling with a particular step, makes it easy to adjust technique and find what works for your pet... I am looking forward to the next level.
Kim, TeeJay and HiJinx
So happy I found them first …
I took the Apprentice training first and signed for Collaborative Care, as well as taking webinars in between... their methods are kind and respectful to the animals as well as the people. Real confidence building... I am over the moon with enthusiasm and although this is an online course for me, I feel they have my back at every turn... So happy that I found them first!
Cheryl King

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