Doogie and I walk together every day and run every other day. Doogie only ever runs 6 miles on roads, and then she goes home to snuffle mats and frozen Kongs while I clock up more miles.

Doogie often prefers to walk. But whether we choose to walk or run, the focus is always on OUR enjoyment, the collective!

This video shows the beginning of one of our outings. We are walking to warm up and collect important peemail.

Watch Doogies body language change when I say, “are you ready.” This expression cues our movement. It’s how we transition from walking to running. So I  pose the question, and Doogie answers, and I respect her reply.

No pulling, tugging, and pace/speed expectancies. We move together. On walks and runs, I consistently consent test with Doogie. I ask Doogie questions. This empowers her to be part of the decision-making team regarding where we go, what speed we travel, and when we stop to assess, explore, and sniff the environment.

If you are walking or running with your best friend, please include them in the activity and the decisions regarding how the outing will play out.